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Benedict Auto Body Detailing

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Auto detailing can essentially complete ‘make-over’ for your vehicle. We detail all hard surfaces including vents and cupholders, nooks and crannies. All carpets and upholstery are shampooed and we clean and condition all leather as well as vinyl and hard surfaces.  Also included is Benedict’s Auto Body renowned Hand Wash and should you so choose, buff the exterior to restore that protection and show-room shine. Rejuvenation in just a few hours! A good leather cleaning and conditioning should be performed every 90 days or so to preserve and maintain your leather. Our Leather service offers a gentle cleaning of all leather surfaces, including seams and as with our other packages, also includes Benedict’s Auto Body renowned Hand Wash & Works Package with a thorough vacuuming of all carpets and upholstery, all glass and windows are polished and all vinyl and hard surfaces are wiped down and conditioned to maintain the look and finish. Protecting the finish of your clearcoat is crucial in maintaining that showroom shine! It is recommended that you have your finish buffed/polished at least every six months to remove any contaminants and restore that layer of protection.Our detailing job will also minimize fine lines and scuffs and restore the shine you may have forgotten it had!