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Benedict Auto Body Paint

Your One Stop Auto Shop!

We offer different paint choices to meet your needs and budget. Whether it is for personal use or a Fleet of vehicles for your business.

From a factory like base / clear coat to an economical quality finish.

With consideration given to appearance, color and effects. Also maintenance, durability, longevity and cost/value.

Painting Options

  • Pre Paint process
  • Body Repair
  • Surface repair
  • Sealers
  • Spot Painting

There are many enemies of paint – in fact, nature is incredibly hard on a car’s surface. Chances are, that’s why you’re considering having your car painted.

The sun is paint’s #1 enemy. UV rays cause discolouration, cracking and gloss reduction. Humidity, acid rain, salt, extreme hot and cold all take their toll as well. Add in the sand, gavel, dirt and grime that assault your car on the road and it’s amazing your paint job has lasted so well for so long.

The good news is that Benedict Auto Body has an overall paint service designed to meet your needs and the elements your car will face. Our hi-tech processes and quality materials will keep your car looking beautiful for years.

Prep can be just as important as paint.

The overall look and durability of your new finish depends as much on proper surface preparation as it does on the actual paint itself. In many cases it provides an excellent substrate; however there are instances when your car will need extra attention before new paint can be applied.